Medical Waste Prices

medical waste prices

You may be wondering if you’re being overcharged for your medical waste disposal. You may be considering opening a new practice or adding a location and are wondering what the cost of medical waste disposal would be. You may be confused by medical waste prices.

When calling a medical waste company to compare pricing be sure you get all the details. Are you getting charged a contract fee or a stop fee? Are you paying a fuel surcharge? Are you paying a low per box price but a large pick-up fee?

Don’t be put at a disadvantage by the smoke and mirrors which surround medical waste prices? With Maine Medical Waste Disposal you only pay for what you ship. We don’t charge monthly fees or require that our customers pay a fuel surcharge. No waste next month? No worries, no bill. No extra fees period. Now that’s good business!

When you need professional medical waste disposal or have questions about medical waste prices, call 866-331-7731 or click here for free quote! Let us pick up your medical waste affordably, conveniently, and responsibly. 


Maine Medical Waste Disposal
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