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OSHA Training


We are one of the most reliable medical waste disposal companies in the New England region and take OSHA compliance and the environment very seriously. To that end, our services include full OSHA compliance training on-site to our customers.

The disposal of medical waste products must be in accordance to US government rules, regulations and guidelines. Maine Medical Waste Disposal can guide you through the process of waste disposal legally and safely. Call us at 866-331-7731 to schedule one of our training sessions.


Bloodborne Pathogens

Illnesses can be transmitted via contact with contaminated body fluids and blood if the correct safety measures are not taken. Microorganisims and bloodborne pathogens can come into contact with your patients and staff if the correct training in blood and fluid disposal is not understood.

Infected persons in the healthcare field is rising and continues to increase every year because basic OSHA standards are not implemented. Maine Medical Waste Disposal is knowledgable in all OSHA mandatory standards.





Our company is licensed, certified, and insured by all required state and federal agencies. We have the following licenses:

  • US Department of Transportation
  • Biomedical Waste Transporter License
  • Waste Generator License



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